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Top places to visit in Mount

Dilwara Temples

Dilwara Temple is the most sacred place for the Jains to worship. It has a beautiful architecture in sync with its location in the beautiful and only hill station of Rajasthan- Mount Abu. The temple has marble carvings present. There are five extremely and equally beautiful Dilwara Temples namely Shri Mahaveer Swami, Shri Adi Nath, Shri Parshav Nath, Shri Rishabdaoji and Shri Nemi Nathji. The Jain Temples were constructed somewhere between the 11th and 13th centuries AD by Vastupal Tejpal.Get Free Quote

The Dilwara temple is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from Mount Abu and is the most visited attractions of Mount Abu. Tourists flock in from different parts of the world to experience the exotic Jain temple known for its marble carvings. The location of the temple, being surrounded by mango trees and hills, enhances the beauty of the temple even more.

The temple has five sections which have been given names as five temples. Out of these, Vimal Vasahi temple and Luna Vasahi Temple are the most famous ones. It is believed that while the temple was being constructed, the artisans were told that the more dust they collect, the more they will be paid. This is how such carefully done carving can be seen in the temple.Get Free Quote

Nakki Lake

Situated in the Aravali range in Mount Abu, Nakki Lake is a paradise for nature lovers. The lake in itself is about half a mile in length and quarter of a mile in width. Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed in this Holy Lake on 12 February 1948 and Gandhi Ghat was constructed.There is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake. Toad rock is so called as it looks like a toad about to jump into the lake, from the side of the rock facing the lake. There are two ways to go up and down the rock; to climb the rocky hill side or to use the steps leading down to Nakki Lake. By the side of the lake there is a path leading to Sunset Point. It is forbidden to climb to Sunset Point due to dangerous bandits living around the path to Sunset Point. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also on hills near the Lake. Boating in the lake and horse rides around the lake are available.Get Free Quote

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar is known as the highest peak of the Aravali Range and lies at a distance of 15 km from Mount Abu. It is situated at the height of 1722 m above the sea level. One is likely to get a phenomenal view of nature from here. Guru Shikhar is home to many temples such as the temple of Guru Dattatreya. The travelers are also likely to get a beautiful bird view of the Aravalli range from the peak of Guru Shikhar. The peak is dedicated to Guru Dattatreya, and thereby the name Guru Shikhar was derived.As soon as one climbs the first 35 steps, they are likely to find stalls of hot tea and food being served. The food served is tasty and tastes all the more delicious after the tedious hill climbing that one undergoes. One can buy packed packets of chips or water bottles from the shops present here. One can also find beautiful local art here at affordable prices. Once the tourists reach the peak, they try to ring the bell with the words 1411 AD inscribed on it. The sound of the bell is very loud and can be heard over a long distance.Get Free Quote

Adhar Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple is one of the most famous temples of Mount Abu. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is located on a peak of the Aravalis. It has a large number of steps devotees need to climb before reaching the temple.Originally there were 365 steps to the temple, signifying each day of the year. The temple is entered from under a rock and hence each devotee needs to bend to the Goddess before entering the temple. Doodh Baori, located at the foot step of the Adhar Devi temple, is considered as a sacred well with milk colored water.Get Free Quote

Achalgarh Village

Achalgarh village is a picturesque village in Mount Abu which is famous for the Achalgarh fort and Achleshwar temple. The fortress Achalgarh is situated at the top of a mountain peak.A 10 minute climb from Achalgarh brings you to the beautiful and historic Jain Temples which are famous for scenic location and beautiful sculpture. The Achleshwar temple is famous for containing a Nandi which is said to be made of 5 metals, fold, silver, copper, brass and zinc.Get Free Quote

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station endowed with variety of flora and fauna in the land of deserts. The mystifying and beautiful city is a scared pilgrimage spot besides being a summer gateway.Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, rich in Flora and Fauna, is a must visit spot. This wildlife sanctuary covers about 290 sq. km in the hilly terrain of Mt Abu. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a paradise for animal and bird watchers. Presence of (last recorded in 1872) and Tiger (last reported in 1970) is a history now, but leopards are still abundant here. Other animals found here are sloth bear, sambhar, jungle cat, small Indian civet, wolf, hyena, jackal, Indian fox, common langur, wild boar, pangolin, common mongoose, Indian hare, porcupine and hedgehog. There are among 250 species of birds which are found here including the rare grey jungle fowl.Get Free Quote

Trevors Tank

5km from the town, Trevors Tank is a perfect spot for nature lovers. It was actually designed by an engineer named Trevor who used it to breed crocs. It is now a popular picnic spot for both locals and tourists.The view is spectacular and the place gives you an insight into nature's bounty. Trevors Tank is a birdwatchers' paradise!Get Free Quote

Toad Rock

Known as The mascot of Mount Abu, Toad Rock is one of the most frequented point in the itinerary of all visitors. To see the panoramic beauty of the surrounding lake and greenish hilly regions you can climb up the rock and capture the breathtaking scenery.Get Free Quote

Shri Raghunath Temple
The locals hold faith in Lord Raghunath to whom this temple is dedicated. Located close to the Nakki Lake this is a major religious attraction for tourists. The pilgrim is apparently relieved of all pains and pangs after a visit to this temple.Get Free Quote

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